Modules and components for Web Audio


A Simple Example

var Oscillator = require('openmusic-oscillator');
var ac = new AudioContext();
var osc = Oscillator(ac);

A More Complicated Example: Let's Create An Instrument!

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Understanding the Modules

Inside the OpenMusic organization, you will find a lot of modules that can help you get started quickly.

Some modules function like plug-and-play building blocks, whereas others function like templates that you can use to write your own building blocks.

You will notice that many building blocks (example: drum-machine) will have a corresponding ui component. You can choose to write your own UI, or to use the one we've provided.

Modules that function autonomously are often categorized by prefix. For example, examples are prefixed with 'example-', such as 'example-gamepad-drum-machine'. Modules that depend on or are directly related to another are indicated by a suffix. For example, 'theremin-ui' is a ui element designed to function with the 'theremin' module.



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Example Instruments